the best way to get around is by car. I don't recommend hitchhiking, as drivers quite often are reckless, and I don't recommend buses either - there may be a kind of schedule for a bus, but "soon come" is the phrase most often heard on jamaica. it means something like "if it comes, it comes if it doesn't, it doesn't". and doesn't really help.

also the most beautiful in-country places are only accessible by car. the picture on the right shows ys falls (yes, it's spelled correctly!) an unspoiled cascade which is the most dramatic of jamaica's falls.
eight beautiful cascades fall 120 feet, separated by cool pools perfect for swimming. they're hemmed in by limestone cliffs and surrounded by towering trees lush with epiphytes and orchids.
the walk there is a mile-long trek through grassland where, in parts, you have to wade in the river (you don't have to worry about crocodiles, which aren't found this far inland).

if you drive further inland, be careful, because the roads are horrendously potholed and extremely steep and narrow at times. and you don't want to be caught on such a road in the middle of the jungle with a BIG GARBAGE TRUCK coming towards you, believe me!

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