jamaica, as you might know, lies in the caribbean sea (a bit southeast of florida and cuba) where it is the third largest island.
although many islands of the caribbean have lovelier beaches (and more of them), jamaica has its fair share of stunners fringed by coral reefs as well as broad flatlands which cover extensive areas, mostly of the south.
seasons here are virtually non-existent and the temperatures average a near constant of 80-86 degrees fahrenheit year round.

all in all this little island is the perfect place to spend your holidays - however only if you manage to avoid hurricane season (june - november, with august and september as peak months) and the tourist beach resorts.

of course exactly that's where you find the best beaches: negril, montego bay and ochos rios.
though all-inclusive tourism can be a hassle at times, negril boasts the longest and one of the most stunning beaches on the island, and it's far enough from everywhere else to have its own fun-in-the-sun appeal.

...and this also works for visitors - like me - who are NOT into drugs (on jamaica: mainly ganja, i.e. marihuana).
sun, surf and sand are enough for me to be happy, so I spent hours just sitting on the beach, letting the smooth sand run through my fingers and watching the surf.
however, if you are allergic to sun and reggae music - don't go to jamaica, you can't escape either ;-)

BTW: you can avoid a lot of trouble by carefully reading your travel books BEFORE you go there, but it's more fun if you do it "on the fly" (which means: read your book whenever you're stuck somewhere ;-)).

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