[things that actually happen or are true; maybe in another world]
books are my alternate reality - however I not only like reading books, I also like writing them...

so far I have finished two and done some short stories as well. you can read some excerpts here.

In this essay (why I write) I have jotted down some of my reasons about, well, why I write (that's why I chose the title... clever, hugh?)

jet stream is the story about a long hot summer. not just any summer but a real scorcher. the summer of the century. charging for his lifetime achievement and generally trying to get a leg up, however, nick stumbles from one day of wrong moves into another. his life becoming more and more like a roller coaster ride, he finally manages to get a grip and learns to surf the wave. not a surf-novel as such, this is more about the quest for love, life and happiness.

hotdogs & hamburgers is a novel about the burden of the past and about finding a way through a world of change. it's supposed to have an 'on the road' atmosphere combined with reflexions about life, the universe and everything.

click on the links above to download the complete books - they come in zipped rtf-files of about 220k each. click on the links below for online reading some extracts.

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