"then we'll ride these bikes to mexico - and freedom, willie, freedom!"
-principal skinner, los simpsons

while it doesn't take a genius to figure out that mexico is one of the best countries in the world for escape, it sometimes seems that would-be travelers need reminding. why else would it be referred to as the ultimate escape - the final destination by so many in song, stage and screen?

whether you want crashing rollers or lapping waves; miles of soft, empty sand or tropical jungle, fiery sunrises or glowing sunsets, mexico offers it all, especially the yucatan peninsula, lying in the south-east of the country.

on the edge of the etaib (black bees) jungle, atop a rocky cliff, stands the walled maya "city of the dawn" - tulum.
this is your best choice if you just want to enjoy the surf on the playa del maya with an occasional trip into the mayan jungle, this is your place.

tulum has a great combination of temples and beaches. stoic watchtowers, set alight by every sunrise, overlook the crystal clear waters of a bay.
and just a few steps away from the - at times quite crowded - ruins you find a traveler's refuge with cheap cabanas (basic huts right on the beach), cheap food (mexican and italian mainly) in bars and the right places to party all night long.
...and not only humans can enjoy and kick back at the ancient ruins ;-)

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tulum ruins

caribbean beach huts

chichen itza pyramids