once you have found your surf spot, it's not too hard to decide where exactly to enter the water ;-)
as you can see in the background of the picture, the shorebreak isn't very big (well, this picture was taken in april, so I guess the winter waves are bigger).

...and, of course, the guards put up different flags (red, blue and yellow) to indicate how big the waves are and how strong the undertow is, respectively.
the advantage of a spell of cold weather is that there aren't many people on the beaches, swimmers don't get harrassed by surfers and the other way round.

in any case be sure to bring a wetsuit as the water can be quite cold at times. when we were there, SD was hit by some cold waves making the water temperature drop uncomfortably.

BTW: drinking on the beach is allowed, but not liked by the police - and drinking while sitting on the wall that separates the beach from the walkway is forbidden.
can anybody explain that...?

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